Abha and Rishi

Abha and Rishi’s wedding was super relaxed and extra pretty. Here are some favorites.
Abha had bracelets custom made in India that said “Abha weds Rishi”  – I’ve seen lots of Indian brides with gorgeous jewelry, but it was the first time I’ve seen that! Very cute!
Next 4 photos by Vince:

More awesome stuff by Vinse below!

These next 2 are intentionally kind of eerie – I love it!

Indian weddings = tons of snacks!
Vinse caught this cute shot of Rishi playing with his ring!

Abha’s mug makes my day!
Abha sheds a few tears at the doli, the celebration where she says goodbye to her family…
Vinse’s amazing shot below:
A few minutes later, Abha is warmly welcomed only a few blocks away at Rishi’s parents house.
The next day we got a few quick photos in their reception clothes before we headed out to party!

Awesome performances!

Thanks to Abha and Rishi and their awesome families – it was an incredible weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Abha and Rishi

  1. Hi, great pictures!Do you know the name (or can you find out) of the lady who did her Henna for her?
    It looks beautiful and came out so dark!


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