Wedding details

This is subject to change, but, yeah, just go with it for now for planning purposes!

JULY 15, 2014

6:00 pm – informal “rehersal” dinner at Hotel Djupavik, followed by swimming party 1.5 hours away at KrossneslaugBask in the midnight sun in a geothermal hot pool overlooking the Greenland Sea! (seriously, bring like 5 bathing suits to Iceland, the land of geothermal awesome.)  We will all travel there together by boat or bus, so please get drunk at dinner. 

JULY 16, 2014

Sleep in, relax, recover from your hangover, and look at stuff.

7:30pm – wedding ceremony in the abandoned herring factory

8:00pm – dinner at Hotel Djupavik

10:00pm – party and general hangin’ out. 

This whole day will be loosely scheduled, and casual. We have the most amazing photographers in the whole world, and unreal video too, and would appreciate no cameras at the wedding itself.

The factory is safe to explore, however, expect loose floorboards and rickety staircases, crawlspaces, even – no heels or open toed shoes. 

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