Amy and Darren’s engagement photos

I’m seriously happy to see my pal and fellow photographer Amy with such an awesome guy (and their puppy Finn is adorable!) These two are typing the knot this upcoming year, and it’s going to be amazing. Thanks for this super fun evening taking engagement photos in Stony Plain!  If you’re planning your own engagement session,Continue reading “Amy and Darren’s engagement photos”

Alex and Homer’s engagement photos

This cold weather means less photo shoots, but more time catching up on this blogging thaaaang! So much good stuff coming up – stay tuned!  Alex and Homer’s wedding was a highlight of my busy summer, they had the prettiest emotional and sincere ceremony, and they’re currently on a honeymoon in Thailand (so jealous! Also,Continue reading “Alex and Homer’s engagement photos”

On engagement photos, and what to wear!

Dear photographer, I’m stressing out! What should we wear for our session? And where should we go? HELP!  Love,Future Bride (secret unwritten question in the PS – Um, why do we even need engagement photos?) Here’s the emotional answer:  Because you’re in love. And you deserve this. You’ve found someone amazing, that one person who just getsContinue reading “On engagement photos, and what to wear!”

Vinse + Susan = puttin’ a ring on it.

Announcement – everyone’s faaaaavorite photographer IS GETTIN’ HITCHED! Vinse proposed to his longtime girlfriend Susan… on a photoshoot, of course! These two both love photography, so it was perfect! I am so happy for them! Congrats, Vinse and Susan (and Belle, the world’s smartest and most hilarious beagle.) You guys are great together!