NEW BLOG! And some recently published work!

Welcome to the new blog! I’ve moved to a new blogging provider (from blogger to wordpress) and this means, among other things, that I can post much larger photos – exciting! Along with the website, this blog will be undergoing some more renos soon as I’m having a new logo, etc. designed. So stay tuned for for exciting changes!
There’s a RSS link above, and also at the bottom, so you can add me to your feeds as well.

And if you’re looking for a post from the old blog, not to worry, they’re all here too – check out the search bar above, or look through the archive in the top menu to find what you’re looking for.

Things have been somewhat slow with regard to weddings this winter (which is fine with me, as we had 15cm of snow yesterday, and it’s MARCH 23?!?!) but I’ve been busy enough! Among other things, I’ve been doing some magazine stuff these past few months: it’s extra fun to see your work in print!

I photographed some of the winners of Alberta Best Workplaces for the March 2009 issue of Alberta Venture magazine, 3 very different, and very awesome, workplaces.

Solution 105 Consulting (where you can bring your baby to work!)

Deloitte and Touche’s gorgeous downtown office boardroom.

Workers’ Compensation Board (where you can work out whenever you want)

And this is from Jan/Feb issue of unlimited magazine, “the director’s cut” a feature on Eveline Charles.

I also recently photographed the lovely ladies of Nokomis for unlimited – they’re on the main site!

Thanks for visiting the new blog! I welcome your feedback!

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Edmonton based wedding and destination wedding, family, and portrait photographer

4 thoughts on “NEW BLOG! And some recently published work!

  1. Nice new look Buffy! Can’t wait to see what photos you’ll come up with this season 🙂 PS – my new blog is right around the corner too – I can hardly wait for BIG photos!


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