Winter can be pretty…

This year, I’ll admit, with all the late snow we’ve gotten, I’m kind of fed up with winter! However, when you live in Alberta, you’ve gotta buck up and take what comes! Snow in June?! Bring it on! (I can just see all those June brides cringing!)
One good thing about the snow dump is we planned a ski trip to Jasper in early March, and the snow conditions were unexpectedly good for so late in the season. We decided one day on a whim to drive out to the Columbia ice fields after we were done skiing. We got there, and found out the interpretive center was closed, but walked around a little bit, and took a couple of photos (these are with my point and shoot camera!)

I haven’t been through there in years. It’s very sad to think that even in pictures from ten years ago, the glacier was much closer to the road. My family is Icelandic, so I think I’m a natural glacier lover – I think they are just amazing.

Anyhow, the point I’m trying to make is to enjoy the things that are pretty about this time of year, and try not to let the slush and muddy puddles get you down!

I’m keeping busy with commercial and editorial work – not sure how much I can post with publication and licensing agreements, but hopefully I’ll have some new and interesting stuff up here soon!


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