Leah and Scott’s wedding featured on intimateweddings.com

Intimate Weddings is a blog site which focuses on the logistics of smaller weddings. Read the article, and see a few select photos here from Scott and Leah’s beautiful and touching wedding last winter.
I love Leah’s quote:

“You’ll be surprised and amazed by what people remember and love about your wedding that have nothing to do with how much you spend. The things you’ll remember are the things that are off-script, the little things that go wrong that you laugh about the next day.”

I consider myself so fortunate and honored that I get to be a participant in such an important day for so many great couples. It’s a pretty cool job! I’ve seen it all – weddings with 800 guests, and weddings with as few as 16 guests, and both were fabulous in their own unique way. Just because you’re having a smaller-scale wedding doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be any less wonderful or memorable. And if you’re concerned about your budget, talk to your vendors, see what they can do for you – if a higher-end vendor can’t help you with your day, chances are they’ll be able to refer you to someone else who might fit your budget better.

Thanks, Leah and Scott!

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