LAS VEGAS! Mel and Carlo’s Awesomesauce session!

I’m in the Phoenix airport right now, a little sunburned and more than a little tired, grinning at my computer screen as I look over the photos with Melissa and Carlo over the past couple days. It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite, but here’s a definite contender:

Taken today at the Neon Museum in Vegas, under a balmy 44 degree desert morning.

I don’t even know how to begin to categorize this 3 day long photo extravaganza. We hit the Strip at night, wandered through a few gorgeous casinos, laughed our asses off at the truckers who honked at Melissa in her incredible outfit while we posed on the side of the interstate (I’ll be posting these ones soon! they’re pretty “wow”).

We drove down the most “Hills have eyes” road you’ve ever seen that wound directly through the desert, literally through the middle of no man’s land, to an amazing old gold mine/general store. I went for a nice swim in a pool with a resident black widow spider (not for the faint of heart), saw topless Cirque de Soleil, and basically filled every spare moment with awesome. It was a fair site more than an engagement session, so decided to dub this an “Awesomesauce Session.” Because it’s more than awesome, with a little somethin’ on the side.

More photos soon to come. Melissa and Carlo, I can’t wait for your wedding, and thank you SO MUCH for being so wonderful and hospitable. I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your vacation!

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