Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Days 2&3!

We did some more photos on the Sunday before Justin and Cheryl’s awesome reception in Colinet, NFLD.

I was a bit in love with this fabulous wallpaper in the B&B!

Traditional Newfie “salt and pepper” hat!

Fun at the playground!

At the local swimming hole. So beautiful.

These reflections are so gorgeous they don’t even make sense. I didn’t photoshop this.

Shooting in front of giant bodies of sunlit water is awesome.

You might have already noted this, but for those of you who missed the memo, Cheryl is super hot!

Night time…

means party time!

You know you’re having a freaking rad party when absolutely every single person has abandoned their drinks for the dance floor.

I think this is the ugly stick, some sort of newfie tradition. (yeah, that’s a rubber boot there on the end.)

Three shooters!

Day two and a half, and a little story…

Justin and Cheryl first met a few years ago in the wee hours at a lovely little place in St John’s called the Trinity Pub.

Cheryl was instantly smitten when a fine looking fellow walked in, and immediately proceeded to drunkenly swagger up and grab her bum. It was love at first grab!

Here’s the re-enactment:

Yay! A huge thank you to Justin and Cheryl for choosing me to come experience this gorgeous few days with them in one of the most beautiful spots on earth!

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6 thoughts on “Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Days 2&3!

  1. Buffy, I really really really enjoyed looking through all these NFLD wedding photos! Both the scenes and the photos are something different than the ‘everyday’, and you caught it all gloriously!S.


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