Grace and Dennis

Grace and Dennis’ wedding day was completely beautiful from start to finish (You can see the entire slideshow of the day here!) These are some of my favorite ‘bride getting ready shots’ ever, such soft, pretty natural light.

The next one is by my lovely and talented second shooter, Amy:

Boys hands versus girls hands, taken at the same time by two different people in two different rooms in the same hotel – pretty neat!

So cute and excited! Whee!

This is the must-have photo for weddings at the Basilica – haha! Such an incredible building.

This next one by Amy:

Also by Amy:

These were all taken at the Devonian Gardens. I think the next one is super pretty:

At the reception!

Phillipino weddings have this awesome tradition where you have to pay to cut in and have a dance with the bride or groom by pinning money to them. Super fun!

Grace and Dennis played a hilarious game. Grace had to guess which bum was her new hubby’s bum:

And Dennis had to guess which shoulder rub was Grace’s!


He got the right answer, but admittedly he had some help from these guys!

Thanks to Dennis and Grace, and their families and loved ones, for the awesome time!

Also, you might notice the “Sneak Peek” posts dropping off a bit, as last weekend marked my last wedding until December. But not to worry, the blog will still be busy as I finish all the editing I’ve got on my plate right now – there are still several more summer weddings to post! And other exciting news! Yay!

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