Sunil and Shobna – the big day!

I hope you’re all ready for a bazillion photos! Woo!
Sunil gets ready (photos by Amy)

Someone’s a bit tired!

Meanwhile, I spent the morning with Shobna:

Sunil rode to the ceremony on the traditional white horse, led by (very cold) bagpipers!

It was SO cold, but everyone danced to stay warm!

Check it out – the horse is smiling at me!

Sunil has to pay the ladies to let him into the ceremony.

The paparazzi:

Sunil finally gets in and cuts the ribbon.

Shobna is escorted into the mandap (wedding tent) by her brothers, and her and Sunil exchange garlands:

A few tears from Shobna’s mom:

As part of the ceremony, they each sip water with honey, to ensure their words to each other will always be sweet. Awwww….

They make offerings to Ganesh, the god of Success and remover of obstacles.

They take seven steps together on seven offerings, and at each step, a promise is made.

Shobna receives a necklace from Sunil’s father:

Then to the University of Alberta for a (very chilly) photo session with wedding party and friends:

Shobna opted to ditch her heels for her boots:

Sunil toughed it out in his wedding slippers!

A quick stop for a celebratory drink:

And then back to Shobna’s house, where I made this guy wear a hat:

The girls once again demand payment for Shobna’s hand:

Sunil’s negotiators:

Sunil pays the ladies off in jewelry:

… and a very lovely serenade!

Then Shobna says goodbye to her family and heads to Sunil’s house to meet with her new family. Shobna’s mom sheds a few tears:

And Sunil’s mom reassures her that they’ll all take great care of her!

Shobna and Sunil are welcomed at Sunil’s parents’ home:

And they play a few games: in this one, they have to find the coins in the milk!

Sunil wins this round!

And that concludes a long, action-packed and ultra happy wedding day… but you haven’t seen the reception yet, have you?! Haha – check back later this week for loads more!

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