Bruce and Cathy’s wedding

Bruce and Cathy had a small, beautiful wedding on the Edmonton Streetcar. It was one of the happiest and most emotional weddings I’ve ever photographed!
We started on the south side of the High Level Bridge, taking a quick ride across for some photos before we picked up the guests on the north side of the tracks for the ceremony itself.

The guests had a little processional from the Copper Pot Restaurant to the station with music – it was really cool!
Loving the little train engineer costume!
The ceremony occurred in the middle of the bridge (photo by Amy):

A choir filled the streetcar with song – it was almost indescribably amazing, very moving. Cathy, and a good number of the guests, teared up immediately.

It fills me with happiness to see how thrilled these 2 were!
It was a cramped ride, but such a cool and memorable setting for a wedding! I couldn’t move around a lot like I usually do when I photograph a wedding ceremony – I ended up rather ideally, nice and close to Cathy and Bruce. It’s really cool how limiting yourself in some way (ie: standing still, not being able to move around) gave me a unique viewpoint on the event. I was forced to think really creatively. I also had to shoot with wider angle lenses, which was different for me in terms of ceremony photos. It was super fun to photograph.

Thanks to Bruce and Cathy for the opportunity to experience such an amazing day!

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5 thoughts on “Bruce and Cathy’s wedding

  1. I totally teared up at these photos! I LOVE that they had a choir! What a beautiful and intimate wedding. You are lucky that you got share that and they are lucky to have such wonderful photos!


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