An (important) post (without photos, but words can be amazing sometimes.)

HI all. This is one of the best things I’ve ever read about wedding photography, and I wanted to share it with all my blog readers, and those prospective brides out there right now online, weeding through the myriads of wedding photographers on google or whatever, searching for that perfect photographer. It’s difficult. I know. I meet with so many brides, and I sympathize. There are just so many photographers out there, and it’s hard work finding that right person for the most important day of your life.
This article is entitled “What to look for in a wedding photographer,” (isn’t that EXACTLY what everyone wants to know – haha!) I found it via a link from another photographer. I don’t know this blog writer personally, but I do know that they’re awesome, and smart, and that they wrote it on August 11, which is my birthday. I really do feel like it’s like a birthday gift.

“What I want is the raw emotion of the day: the pretty, the ugly, the heart wrenching, and the ephemeral moments that slip by so quickly that I’m likely to forget them individually but that I’ll somehow remember because, woven together, they created the fabric and texture of the day. “


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