Sheldon and Laural’s engagement photos

Super fun shoot in rural Alberta, complete with a crazy pub and a ghost town, and, of course, an extremely cute couple.
Sheldon’s parents’ barn was MAGIC.

This abandoned shop stands silently on Main Street in the nearby town, super eerie!

Hi kitty!

Welcome to Sam’s Saloon, one of those most interesting places I have ever explored. I could have photographed every inch of this place. A true slice of southern Alberta!

These are some seriously good beer prices. I loved this place so much, I would even eat the Egg Head. Seriously.

Thank you to our wonderful bartender.

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8 thoughts on “Sheldon and Laural’s engagement photos

  1. Is that Laural Walker? We went to the same high school. She looks gorgeous and these photos are amazing! The barn IS totally magical…can’t wait to see the wedding photos!


  2. Your photography is incredible. I found you on the Best of Wedding photography website, and hope to see your work published there too! Many thanks for such brilliant work … Janet


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