Splash – A Latitude 53 fundraiser!

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I do lots of editorial work for magazines and stuff, but it rarely makes the blog. But I’m really excited to show you all this SUPER FUN editorial shoot I did a few weeks ago for Splash! – a fundraiser on Friday April 1 for Latitude 53, in conjunction with Western Canada Fashion Week. The folks at McRobbie Optamedia and I threw a whole bunch of water at six very lovely, very cooperative models at Eastglen Pool. Although I was pretty close to the action, I somehow avoided getting wet, and so did my cameras! Bonus!

Edmonton Commercial Photographer
Edmonton Commercial Photographer

I also did my first D-SLR video project at this photoshoot, which fully shows the hilarious reactions of these six models getting soaked! It’s pretty amazing! These videos will be playing in slow-mo (!!!) on big screens at the event on Friday. Eeeee!

And if you happen to be driving down 109th street and 105th ave this week, there’s big banners with the photos on ’em hanging in the windows of the former Donovan’s clothing store, which is the venue for Friday’s event. They look amazing!

Y’all should attend to help raise some money for Edmonton’s awesome art community! (And comment and tell me how it went – I’ll be livin’ it up shooting a wedding that night!)


And here is a link to one of the posters, with all the event information you need to attend, designed by the team at McRobbie Optamedia. The desaturation on this photo looks super neat too!!

Edmonton Commercial Photographer



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5 thoughts on “Splash – A Latitude 53 fundraiser!

  1. No, Kathryn, you are the dreamboat. I’m totally going to throw a pail of water at you next time I see you. On video, because I know you will react with grace and aplomb.
    Thank you, Blake! I need to take a photo of the building exterior this week!


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