Liz and Gus

Liz and Gus are two amazing people. I’ve know Liz for several years – we were in a class together in university, and became friends. She’s hilarious and cute as a button, and also an excellent actor.
Gus is an actor too. Lemme tell you – photographing two professional actors is AWESOME. They were really expressive (and kinda silly, which is my style!)

There are some weird and wacky and altogether hilarious photos in this post! Woo!

These photos above aren’t really outside. It was quite literally pouring, so we “faked” it! Here’s the zoomed out version! I totally played with the idea of “actors on a set” all day long!



Get ready for some ring photos with totally random stuff!!


“It never got weird enough for me…”


We “crashed” the most perfect 1950’s living room at the Beauty Parlor! These remind me of a sitcom!

I laughed and laughed at this next one.


Gus is a record collector. They each chose a favorite record to pose with. This is a showdown between Lou Reed and The Boss…


As soon as I saw this Phil Collins record on the shelf, I realized I HAD to make Gus pose with it!

“No Jacket Required”


Their ceremony was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed. It was so simple and amazing.

They walked into the room in silence. There was not a peep. I’m so used to hearing music, a church organ or a love song, and the fact that there was this unexpected silence was so moving.

Then, an actor friend, with the most amazing voice ever, read this incredible excerpt from “The Little Prince.”  And they exchanged vows.

(And, along with all of their friends and family, their photographer cried a little bit.)


Gus surrounded by Liz’s brothers. They’re super tall and intimidating! Grrr!!


These next 2 are Liz in a nutshell – the happy tears, followed by the sass!


They almost forgot to sign the paperwork! Whoops!

Liz and Gus, thank you both for being so awesome. Thank you for the nice card, and for giving ME a gift on YOUR big day. (It’s a teeny tiny rubber chicken. It now lives in my camera bag as a good luck charm!)

These 2 lovebirds are currently riding bicycles through the Rockies, headed to Victoria, BC, where they’ll be living. I’m going to visit you guys lots!


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