Stephanie and Matthew

I first met Stephanie when I started dating her brother Mike. She was 13 years old, and had recently  gotten suspended from school for making a “subversive magazine” which made fun of a teacher. I gave her my Weezer t-shirt, which, at the time, was extra cool of me.
Ten years later, she is a married lady. And my sweetie Mike was a really handsome groomsman.

Matthew and Stephanie got hitched in the backyard of her parents’ acreage. They have a really awesome Saskatoon berry farm. I love Saskatoons.

This particular wedding was, obviously, a LOT of FUN.


The most handsome groomsman! Swoon!

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4 thoughts on “Stephanie and Matthew

  1. I can honestly say that this post has the best opening set I’ve ever seen (like the first 8ish images). Like really, I love how those got put together in that order. Is that weird? Anyway, great job!


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