Coral + Ted

I’m been saving this post for a long time because it is frankly very, very awesome – I love these people lots.

Coral and Ted are the most special of folks. They live right across the street from us. More than that, they are our good friends. We hang out every single Sunday night and eat delicious food and create weird and spectacular cocktails with random things, and play Cards Against Humanity, and it’s basically the funnest thing ever.

Their wedding was a perfect August twilight party. They took their old car out of the garage, and parked it on the front lawn, and then filled the garage with amazing snacks and food. Coral cooked for weeks and so did her family and friends and it was unreal.

Every detail was adorable, and quirky, and so perfectly them. They have been together forever and have the cutest house on the street, filled with funny antiques and thrift store finds, They have the best deck and the prettiest little yard, and I’m so happy they had their wedding there.

My cat was the honorary ringbearer, you guys. It doesn’t get more special than that.

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One thought on “Coral + Ted

  1. I was going through my friends list and saw Roses name and had to stop by her page. She was our JOP also and I just loved her so much. After our wedding when I was pregnant with my first son she surprised me and stopped by the hospital when I was put on bed rest and was being monitored. It meant so much to me that she would take time out of her day to do that. I’m glad I decided to stop by her page and that I saw this post. It reminded me of having Rose at my own wedding. She really was an amazing person.


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