K+A’s summer camp extravaganza wedding

First of all, K&A are my FAVORITE people ever, because they had their cat Tigger send me the following special message asking me to be their wedding photographer.

So right away I knew I was going to reeeeeally like these people, and I was right! 

These high school sweethearts are the king and queen of the outdoors. They planned asummer camp wedding in the Rocky Mountains near Canmore, complete with smores, campfires, games, beer and summer camp sports activities – guests were even assigned a bunk in a cabin! Casual and fun, and the best environment for a killer party!

But then, the day before the wedding, it started to rain. 

and rain…

and rain… all night loooooong.

..So the party just moved into the mess hall!

If anything, the party was even more fun, because it’s always more fun to dance and celebrate and be silly when a storm is raging outside. Clouds covered the pretty mountains, you couldn’t even see them, we were wrapped in a cloud of misty rain that just lessened enough for us to get a few soggy shots outside, and a first look. 

YMCA Camp Chief Hector, just outside of Canmore, Alberta, is a great wedding venue, even in the rain – the lodge/mess hall was the perfect setting for an awesome ceremony and hilarious party.

But the real story here is how amazing K+A are together and how much fun they have, rain or shine. Here is their engagement session as well if you wanna further snoop at these two cuties. 

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