Liene and Nathan’s wedding in Portland

Happy New year, everyone! I could be following the trends and doing a “Best Of” post with my top wedding moments from 2017, but this year was pretty rad – I can’t narrow it down!  

Instead, I have a very special wedding to share with y’all! Liene and Nathan’s wedding in Portland, OR is one of my faves. Not only did we do a day after session at the gorgeous Bridal Veil Falls, these two are just so cool and had the most perfect, sweet and personality-filled wedding ever! Liene’s dress was so fun – it even had twinkly lights inside the skirt! They got ready together (which I love and highly recommend!) and after, we wandered around their cute little Portland neighborhood, the Alberta Arts District, on the way to the ceremony, which was a 10 minute walk from their place. So chill! We stopped along the way for a coffee, and they wrote their vows and speech in their favorite coffee shop where they’re regulars. Liene and Nathan’s wedding is proof that you can do things your own way, and have the most memorable, fun-filled day ever – the smiles in these photos really say it all! 

So here’s one more super pretty photo from their day after session…

…and then you can click through to see a slideshow of the rest of the day’s photos below! 

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