How to get amazing results from your Engagement photos in Edmonton (and beyond !)

Here’s my hot take – Of course, no one “needs” engagement photos, but if you or your partner have any anxiety or apprehension whatsoever about being in front of the camera all day on your wedding day, you should definitely do them!

If you haven’t been photographed together before, just do it!

If you think you might want to use photos of yourselves in your wedding decor – do it!

Honestly , no one ever regrets having more photos together – seeing photos of yourselves being happy together is a gift for future you!

I love to take photos, obviously. But I don’t “like” being photographed – I feel self conscious and awkward when I’m the one the camera is pointed at. I hear the same thing from many of my couples, if you’re reading this, maybe you’re feeling the same.

I make sure to get photographed by a professional regularly, so I know how it feels for my clients. And I’ve noticed that as I spend more time in front of the camera, the awkward feeling fades. After the first few minutes, I can forget about the camera and just be myself. Your engagement photo session gives you that extra time to warm up, to get into the groove. We’ll develop a rapport and we’ll work together even better on the big day.

My best advice – Just be yourselves, relax into each other, and stop worrying so much about how you look (you look great!)

Push that self consciousness aside. It’s serving no one. Instead, just think about why you love the person you’re with. These photos are about both of you, your connection, your love. Laugh and snuggle with them, tell them they’re beautiful. Even if I pose you perfectly, and your hair is flawless, if you’re not feeling each other, the photos won’t have that wow.

Another great reason to book an engagement photo session is to get photos with your doggo – especially if they won’t be at the wedding. At least half of my couples include their pets in their engagement session. Bonus – your pets give you something to do, something to concentrate on, so you’re a little less focused on the camera.

Here are a few other important things to consider when you’re planning an Edmonton engagement photo session.

Do you want to use the same photographer for your engagement photos that you plan to use for your wedding? It’s an excellent trial run for the big day, and you get to vibe with your chosen photographer and see how they work. However, if you were waffling between booking with different photographers for your wedding, there’s nothing wrong with choosing one photographer for your engagement photo session, and a different photographer for your wedding photos.

Is location of your photos important to you? If you want to have photos at a special spot – let’s say where you first met – ask your photographer about how you can do this. It might be easier to visit this spot during your engagement session instead of on your wedding day – you may not have time on the big day to drive across town, or the lighting at your fave spot might not be great at certain times of day. Engagement photos give you more scheduling flexibility.

Engagement photos in Edmonton

So many people ask me what they should wear for their photos. Choose clothing that is comfortable, flattering, and appropriate for the location of your engagement photos. Especially when it comes to footwear – Please PLLLEEEAAASE don’t wear stilletto heels if you’re getting photos in a park, they’ll just sink into the grass. You’ll feel irritated and you will be angry if you stain or ruin your shoes.

If you’re not sure what to wear, opt for solid colors or simple patterns, or bring a change of clothes and change it up halfway through your shoot.

You might not get to choose the perfect time for outdoor photos on the wedding day, but engagement photos usually offer you the convenience of choosing a time of day when the light is best. In general, early morning or late afternoon is great. “Golden hour” is awesome – in Edmonton, that’s pretty late – sometimes as late as 9/10pm in June, 3:30/4pm in the winter months. If you can’t make these times work, don’t stress. A good photographer can get great photos of you any time.

You can use your Edmonton engagement photos for save-the-date cards, your wedding website, invitations, decor, and/or splash ’em all over your social media! Frame one for your parents or grandparents, frame your favorite shot in your own home – get used to seeing how beautiful your love is!

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