Francisco + Alejandro

There is something to be said for just keeping things simple and real, for just deciding together that your dream wedding would be to walk to a nearby park on a Sunday afternoon in August and speak your wedding vows in front of your new family, the people who have helped you make a new,Continue reading “Francisco + Alejandro”

Chris + Daniel

Chris and Daniel’s wedding was one of the funnest, most laughter-filled, genuinely happy days I have ever experienced. These two are totally thrilled to be together: It rained all day long, and it didn’t dampen their spirits at all! We had a ton of fun puddle jumping and taking photos outside, and a few insideContinue reading “Chris + Daniel”

Jen + Kirsten

Kirsten and Jen were my first same-sex wedding of the summer! I knew from the first email that this was going to be a super awesome, laid back, pretty country wedding at the gorgeous Greystone Gardens near Devon. The kilts were a bonus, as was all of the awesome laughter and ice cream cones andContinue reading “Jen + Kirsten”