Stephany and Michael’s wedding

Stephany and Michael’s wedding day at Enjoy Center happened to be the day of the first snowfall of the year, and ooo boy did it ever come down! But that didn’t stop us from having fun for a single second! I really love the crisp clean new snow, and fortunately so do these two cuties!Continue reading “Stephany and Michael’s wedding”

Christina + Patrick – Edmonton Fort Edmonton Old Timers Cabin wedding

Christina ordered snowflakes for her wedding day, and I guess Mother Nature was like, “Oh, okay, you’re cute! Here you go!!” and then hurled them at us all day long. YAY!  This was a serious DREAM WEDDING, the ceremony took place at Fort Edmonton Park, and the reception was at Old Timer’s Cabin – twoContinue reading “Christina + Patrick – Edmonton Fort Edmonton Old Timers Cabin wedding”

Craig and Holly

Craig and Holly were my first lucky couple of 2012. Holly was born and raised in Australia, and she loves winter, so she was extra happy there was a huge snowstorm on the big day! So was I – it was an absolutely gorgeous night to make photos of two very special and sweet people!Continue reading “Craig and Holly”

Karen and Michael’s wedding

Karen and Michael’s wintery wedding was a really awesome one! Karen gets a l’il shot of Chakra balancing spray (I want some of this stuff!) Meanwhile, Vinse hung out with Michael for a few photos! Michael and Karen took their “formal” photos together before their evening ceremony. This is the “first look!” Cute! I reallyContinue reading “Karen and Michael’s wedding”