Janine and Hartley

Janine and Hartley’s wedding was a ultra fun and happy one, a great way to start off this busy summer! I especially love the overjoyed smile on Janine’s face all day long. Here are just a few of my favorites: We went to Churchill Square’s Pride parade celebrations for some really fun shots with theContinue reading “Janine and Hartley”

Amanda and Scott

Some favorites from Amanda and Scott’s beautiful wedding day! If you know someone in these photos, please feel free to go tag ’em on Facebook.   I am completely in love with the detailing on the skirt of Amanda’s dress! Unreal! The next 4 photos are by Blake:   These 2 also by Blake! ThankContinue reading “Amanda and Scott”

Caroline and Camron’s wedding

Camron and Caroline’s wedding was completely gorgeous, down to the tiniest detail. And their friends and family sure know how to have fun too! Cam and Caroline are both super sweet, and bit goofy too, which is kind of my style! I had loads of fun with them! Here’s a selection of favorites (a lotContinue reading “Caroline and Camron’s wedding”