Bobbi and Jay

This is a extra super special post.
One of my best pals in the whole wide world (and my roller derby hero) Bobbi, and the love of her life Jay, are gettin’ hitched.

They also just bought their dream home – a beautiful heritage house in idyllic Nelson, BC.

These 2 are so beyond amazing. I could write a whole bunch of mushy, sentimental stuff about how amazing their love for each other is, how their eyes light up when they look at each other, but I hope my photos can say all that for me so I don’t get all blotchy and teary-eyed sitting here at my desk.



Bobbi bought me a unicorn mask, and it is my favorite thing ever. I let Jay borrow it for a few shots (don’t worry, he gave it back. For all you know, I’m wearing it right now – bwahaha!)


Bobbi and Jay also let me indulge my Twin Peaks obsession with some of their photos. Awesomesauce.

Bobbi and Jay, you could not be more perfect for each other. xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Bobbi and Jay

  1. So awesome. The one that is lit from behind is beautiful. It’s like Twilight…in a good way! Hahahaha!


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