Raj + Eileen in Iceland Iceland wedding engagement photographers

Iceland is my favorite place on earth. We got married there, my family background is there, and I feel such a connection to this magical little island. I think anyone who has visited Iceland would agree that it’s an indescribably special place, and there is nowhere like it on earth.

When Raj and Eileen asked me to photograph them in Iceland on their stopover on the way to England, I was seriously ecstatic! I’ve been there 10 times, so I had the whole adventure planned out in my head immediately!

I also photographed Eileen and Raj’s wedding a few years ago, and since then I’ve seen Raj at lots of weddings , he is the talented owner of A Love Story – a great wedding videography in Edmonton that I love to refer my clients to. Anyways, I consider these two awesome people friends, and that makes sharing my favorite place on earth even more special! 

Thanks to Raj and Eileen for being total troopers about the super long roadtrip we undertook together in order to get all these photos! I loved this session so much, and hanging out with these two is always great! (PS – If you’re reading this and you ever wanna take me to Iceland, you will have both a photographer and a tour guide who’s in the know!)

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