Helen + Brian’s portrait session in Iceland

Beautiful session for Hong Kong newlyweds Helen and Brian in Snaefellsnes, Iceland

Raj + Eileen in Iceland Iceland wedding engagement photographers

Iceland is my favorite place on earth. We got married there, my family background is there, and I feel such a connection to this magical little island. I think anyone who has visited Iceland would agree that it’s an indescribably special place, and there is nowhere like it on earth. When Raj and Eileen askedContinue reading “Raj + Eileen in Iceland Iceland wedding engagement photographers”

Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer

I went on a vacation to the most surreal and gorgeous place on earth last month. I took a lot of photos of glaciers and waterfalls and ponies and nature and stuff. I’ll post those for you sometime. But I was lucky enough that I also got to take photos of 2 awesome people inContinue reading “Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer”