Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer

I went on a vacation to the most surreal and gorgeous place on earth last month. I took a lot of photos of glaciers and waterfalls and ponies and nature and stuff. I’ll post those for you sometime.
But I was lucky enough that I also got to take photos of 2 awesome people in love!

Stephanie and Shaun are Edmontonians – and wonderful photographers. Through the magic of Facebook, I discovered they’d be in Iceland, at the same time as me! So we made this happen:

These first ones are all taken near the Blue Lagoon.

I suppose I have to go back to Iceland because there are no lava fields in the greater Edmonton area.

Then we found this road out to the ocean, in the dying light, and it was beautiful too.

Such an amazing evening. Thank you SO MUCH to Stephanie and Shaun for this great opportunity to photograph you both in the most incredible place I’ve ever seen. You guys rule. As do my travel pals Bobbi and Mathew, for coming on this shoot and helping out, and making everyone laugh. xo

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10 thoughts on “Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer

  1. I JUST went two Iceland two weeks ago. And all I thought is how awesome it would have been to do a shoot there. I must say, it brought tears to my eyes to see it done – and done so well. Iceland is phenomenal and as you said, surreal. Thank you for capturing its beauty for us to see. Lucky clients, too!! 🙂


  2. How did you light this? I’m ‘guessing’ it was one flash and maybe a reflector. Hard to decide what to bring on trips sometimes. Awesome photos as always Buffy, you’re an inspiration!
    – RJH


  3. Thanks, Ryan! So nice of you! SB-800 held by Bobbi for the 2 shots on the lava.
    The rest is the most perfect natural light on earth – haha! How i miss you, Iceland!


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