Reinette and Adam’s wedding

Reinette and Adam got hitched in Adam’s parents front yard on a warm autumn afternoon, on the family grain farm an hour west of Edmonton. 

Usually, when I photograph weddings, the bride is scurrying and hurrying to be ready on time, hair, makeup, all the things… meanwhile, the groom and his friends have been ready for hours, having drinks, playing videogames, watching TV. 

Well, this time, Reinette and her besties were the ones drinking whiskey and chillin’. No rush at all, all anyone had to do was walk outside and boom – wedding time! Loved it! Backyard weddings (or front yard weddings in this case) are so chill!

And if you have the hugest crush on these two after seeing their photos, don’t worry, I get it, they are kinda the best. And you can see more of them and their awesome engagement photos right here.

Published by Buffy Goodman Photography

Edmonton based wedding and destination wedding, family, and portrait photographer

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