Nicole and Colm’s wedding

Ok folks, I hope you’re ready because this wedding was literally a dream come true! 

Nicole and Colm spoke their gorgeous vows in their own magical back yard, then we all ate breakfast for dinner, and partied into the night. Every single detail of this wedding was so filled with love – Colm’s aunt hand-beaded his traditional Indigenous vest and Nicole’s bridal Mocassins; a talented friend made the shirts and ties for the (cute AF!) attendants! Colm’s mother and family members also performed a Indigenous smudging ceremony before the ceremony. The couple shared a handmade quilt during the recessional, another beautiful cultural detail. Edmonton is in Treaty 6 territory, and we have the second largest Indigenous population in Canada, and yet I haven’t seen most of these traditions before. It was so interesting and beautiful – I really love when couples go the extra mile to research and include culturally significant details in their wedding, it makes the day extra meaningful for them and so memorable for the guests. 

My favorite moment, however, is a funny one – as soon as Nicole and Colm walked back down the aisle after the ceremony back into their home, Nicole walked straight over to a box of pizza and devoured a slice, her face absolutely blissful (the photo is below) – there is so much rushing around and things to do before a wedding, it’s a pretty rare bride that gets the chance to eat with all the makeup and hair – even more so when the wedding is in your own backyard! 

Of course, there were also super cute dogs and super fun kids, and just heaps and piles of love everywhere. I could honestly talk forever about this day, but I’ll stop and let some of my photos do that for me! Thanks to these two gems for having me along for the ride! I completely loved every little bit of your wedding! 

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