Tracy + Lexi’s Jasper Park Lodge elopement

Like so many engaged couples, Lexi and Tracy had to make the tough decision to reschedule their plans for an Edmonton wedding in July 2020 due to the pandemic. After jumping through a bunch of hoops with venues, and trying more than once to reschedule, they decided to downsize, and elope to Jasper. Accompanied by their 2 friends as witnesses, they exchanged heartfelt vows on the terraces overlooking Beauvert Lake at Jasper Park Lodge.

(Sidenote- Peep the invites that Tracy, a incredible graphic designer, made for the Edmonton wedding that unfortunately got cancelled. We still took some glam shots of them despite the cancellation because they’re SO NICE. I legit gasped when I saw them!)

I’ve known these two cuties for a few years now – I was on the same team as Tracy back in my roller derby days – and I was so thrilled they decided to elope. They were so thrilled to finally get married after such a long wait and so many disappointing reschedules. After their first look, we headed over to beautiful Pyramid Lake for photos, to the very same spot where Tracy proposed over 2 years before, dodging showers that never quite managed to catch us.

Back at JPL, some very ominous storm clouds had settled over Beauvert Lake right as the ceremony began- it was raining cats and dogs on the far side of the lake. We all had our umbrellas at the ready as the ceremony began, but it missed us completely! It was surreal to look out over the lake, the rain absolutely pouring down literally a few dozen meters away, while we were perfectly dry on the shore. The rain was so thick on the other side of the lake that you could see it absolutely pouring from the clouds – a cool and dramatic background for their ceremony.

Dodging that storm was a perfect metaphor for rescheduling a wedding during a pandemic. I’m so happy for these two! It was difficult to narrow this blog post down to anything resembling a reasonable number of photos, but I hope you love this peek into the sweetest 4 person spring mountain wedding.

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