Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Day one!

Earlier this summer, I went to Newfoundland with the awesome Cheryl and Justin for seriously one of the coolest and prettiest little weddings ever. Here are a couple of my touristy photos from St. John’s. I think this is quite possibly the most beautiful city in Canada. Cheryl and Justin got ready at Justin’s hometown,Continue reading “Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Day one!”

Vegas – day 3 of Carlo and Melissa’s awesomesauce session!

Day 3, back in Las Vegas at the Neon Graveyard museum grounds !! This place is in the midst of getting fancified into a real museum/historical site, so I’m glad we got to check it out when we did! And my favorite, from the sneak peek – I like it so much I’ll post itContinue reading “Vegas – day 3 of Carlo and Melissa’s awesomesauce session!”

A little bit of Vegas (starring Melissa and Carlo!!)

My first full day in Las Vegas started out with a lovely morning swim. My lifeguard was this special little guy! That’s right, folks, that’s a BLACK WIDOW hanging out on the floating pool chair! EEEK! I was swimming a few leisurely laps, and noticed this guy a few feet away as the chair floatedContinue reading “A little bit of Vegas (starring Melissa and Carlo!!)”

LAS VEGAS! Mel and Carlo’s Awesomesauce session!

I’m in the Phoenix airport right now, a little sunburned and more than a little tired, grinning at my computer screen as I look over the photos with Melissa and Carlo over the past couple days. It’s pretty hard to pick a favorite, but here’s a definite contender: Taken today at the Neon Museum inContinue reading “LAS VEGAS! Mel and Carlo’s Awesomesauce session!”

Ian and Tenille’s Engagement Photos, Vancouver, BC

Some more photos from Ian and Tenille’s engagement photo session in lovely Vancouver! As a photographer, exploring places you don’t live is really great – I see photo opportunities everywhere, it’s all new to my eyes, and really exciting. I had so much fun on this shoot because of that (and also because Ian andContinue reading “Ian and Tenille’s Engagement Photos, Vancouver, BC”