Vikram and Maya – part 2

Here is the rest of Maya and Vikram’s wedding in New Hope, PA! This is Maya’s dad! I took this while we were doing lighting tests outside while Vikram and Maya changed into their outfits for the reception. You can see raindrops if you look really closely at his suit lapel! Okay, I love thisContinue reading “Vikram and Maya – part 2”

Vikram and Maya (part 1!)

I feel like I’m especially lucky in that I get a to experience lot of destination weddings. And since my clients are so cool and different, they’re always planning celebrations at the most unique spots, not just your standard tropical resort. I love exploring quirky new places I’ve never been before, and Vikram and Maya’sContinue reading “Vikram and Maya (part 1!)”

A portrait of David in Iceland

As many of you return visitors know, I spent April in Iceland – possibly my favorite place on earth! I’m just beginning to edit through the photos and video I took there today, and I’m falling in love with that gorgeous country and its awesome people all over again! You can see some photos ofContinue reading “A portrait of David in Iceland”

Iceland – travel photography

I’ve escaped to Iceland until April 25! I love this country – I think it’s the most amazingly beautiful, diverse, and interesting place on earth! The people here are so kind and friendly, and it’s a photographer’s dream! Needless to say, I’m taking thousands of photos and having an awesome time traveling around the island withContinue reading “Iceland – travel photography”

Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer

I went on a vacation to the most surreal and gorgeous place on earth last month. I took a lot of photos of glaciers and waterfalls and ponies and nature and stuff. I’ll post those for you sometime. But I was lucky enough that I also got to take photos of 2 awesome people inContinue reading “Shaun and Stephanie Iceland wedding photographer”

More featured weddings on One Wed Savvy Scoop!

Just got back from an unbelievably amazing and relaxing vacation (photos forthcoming!) In the meantime, OneWed’s Savvy Scoop blog featured 2 more of my 2009 weddings: Sunil and Shobna‘s amazing Hindu wedding, and Justin and Cheryl’s ultra-unique Newfoundland destination wedding. Both of these weddings were high points in 2009 – having other industry professionals appreciateContinue reading “More featured weddings on One Wed Savvy Scoop!”

Stephanie and Jim in San Francisco – sneak peek!

I’m in San Francisco for the weekend, having a blast, and was honored to help out the incredible and talented Anna Kuperberg at Stephanie and Jim’s wedding at The Ferry Building. It was an absolutely exquisite day – every detail was impeccable, and it was great to see someone like Anna, whose work I findContinue reading “Stephanie and Jim in San Francisco – sneak peek!”

Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Days 2&3!

We did some more photos on the Sunday before Justin and Cheryl’s awesome reception in Colinet, NFLD. I was a bit in love with this fabulous wallpaper in the B&B! Traditional Newfie “salt and pepper” hat! Fun at the playground! At the local swimming hole. So beautiful. These reflections are so gorgeous they don’t evenContinue reading “Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Days 2&3!”