Raj and Harleen – Part 2

Part two of Raj and Harleen’s gorgeous multi-day Sikh wedding celebration. These two are so amazing and photogenic, love each other a lot, and they’re also super funny and laid back. Harleen is one of the most glamorous Indian brides ever. This night was so much fun!

Raj and Harleen – Part 1

I knew after Harleen and Raj’s awesome engagement session that their wedding would be a dream – these two are both super cute, and it’s obvious they love each other to bits. Their wedding was, of course, absolutely amazing, and exceeded every expectation! could gush about how these two are so photogenic and genuine andContinue reading “Raj and Harleen – Part 1”

Sonia and Raj – part 1!

Another big Indian wedding – my last Indian wedding of this busy summer! Since there are lots of lovely photos of these 2 awesome people, I’ll break it into 2 parts for y’all to save your scrolling fingers! Sonia and Raj are really great people, and so in love (I was actually there when theyContinue reading “Sonia and Raj – part 1!”

Vikram and Maya – part 2

Here is the rest of Maya and Vikram’s wedding in New Hope, PA! This is Maya’s dad! I took this while we were doing lighting tests outside while Vikram and Maya changed into their outfits for the reception. You can see raindrops if you look really closely at his suit lapel! Okay, I love thisContinue reading “Vikram and Maya – part 2”

Priya and Kevin’s engagement party

You might remember this gorgeous couple from their recent engagement photo session in the snow! Priya and Kevin held a big, beautiful engagement party on Boxing Day – I can’t wait for their wedding this summer! Next 2 photos by Blake: Priya has an incredible smile! Another gem by Blake below! Next one is Blake’sContinue reading “Priya and Kevin’s engagement party”

Sunil and Shobna’s reception!

The Sunil-and-Shobna-blog-marathon ends with their amazing reception! I was super happy when Sunil and Shobna toughed out more photos in the snow. It was such a gorgeous night! Only in Alberta would there be some guy in shorts walking around in a snowstorm… Jack O lantern love… This next photo is by Amy – so,Continue reading “Sunil and Shobna’s reception!”