8 practical questions to ask your Edmonton wedding photographer

I’ve been interviewed by lots of people about wedding photography -here are the important things you should ask your photographer before you hire them!

Pros and cons of having an unplugged wedding ceremony

The pros and cons of having an unplugged wedding ceremony.

Ioana + Jason’s Edmonton backyard wedding

Ioana and Jason’s small backyard wedding in Edmonton river valley

Nadia + Ryan’s Butternut Tree Restaurant wedding in Edmonton

Joyful spring wedding and reception held at the Butternut Tree Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta

Lindsay and Mike’s wedding

Lindsay and Mike’s wedding was chock full of laughter and tears, even the sky was crying! It rained cats and dogs all day long, which if you’re superstitious means you will have a life filled with good luck and riches so YAY! Umbrellas and cute boots made it fun to take photos outside, and the happyContinue reading “Lindsay and Mike’s wedding”

Helen and Rick

Helen and Rick are both super funny and kind people, and they sure know how to work it on the dance floor too – Rick’s moves are seriously legendary. These two lovebirds rented an ETS bus to chauffeur them around town – how fun is that! Then they had a whopper of a party atContinue reading “Helen and Rick”