Talia and Jake’s wedding… WITH CORGIS!!!

AN ALL CORGI WEDDING PARTY. YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY…. ALL. CORGIS. There is not much I can say that would make this wedding sound more awesome than an all corgi wedding party already does, but as you’ll be able to tell by the photos below, this day was AAAAAH-MAZING.┬áTalia and Jake did a cute firstContinue reading “Talia and Jake’s wedding… WITH CORGIS!!!”

Lauren and Tim’s wedding in Victoria BC

This is an extra special one – Lauren and Tim are super good friends of mine, and their wedding in Victoria, BC was so uniquely them, it was an honor to experience it, let alone getting take their photos. Tim and Lauren LOVE cocktails, and after their ceremony at the amazing Alix Goolden Concert Hall, theyContinue reading “Lauren and Tim’s wedding in Victoria BC”

Tracy and Jenn

The biggest smiles you can imagine, all day long, everywhere you look. That is Jenn + Tracy’s wedding in a nutshell. Tracy and Jenn were married at the gorgeous McDougall United Church – an affirming congregation that celebrates and supports the LGBTQ community in downtown Edmonton. Thank you both from the bottom of my heartContinue reading “Tracy and Jenn”

Terry + Chad – Edmonton wedding photographer

They met in Kindergarden and were arch enemies, and now they’re in love. Huge thanks to my second shooter Jill Keech for her help with the groomsmen in the morning, and for being ultra awesome throughout Terry and Chad’s big awesome day!

Andree and Justin (part two!)

More photos from Andree and Justin’s day! These were some of the best speeches I’ve ever heard! Party time! Andree and Justin’s friends surprised them with a flash mob! The entire room was dancing – It was AMAZING! OMG IT’S THE THRILLER DANCE!!! MY FAVORITE!!! Andree and Justin were so surprised! Photo below by Blake!Continue reading “Andree and Justin (part two!)”