Blair and Tyler’s Edmonton backyard wedding

Enjoy this intimate and emotional backyard wedding ceremony and reception in Edmonton

Talia and Jake’s wedding… WITH CORGIS!!!

AN ALL CORGI WEDDING PARTY. YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY…. ALL. CORGIS. There is not much I can say that would make this wedding sound more awesome than an all corgi wedding party already does, but as you’ll be able to tell by the photos below, this day was AAAAAH-MAZING. Talia and Jake did a cute firstContinue reading “Talia and Jake’s wedding… WITH CORGIS!!!”

Kelcey + David – Edmonton wedding photos

Little tears. Little raindrops. Watery walks and chilly ankles.A shivery summer afternoon (with a healthy side of Edmonton Fringe Festival silliness. But I kinda think we stole the show! Sorry street performers!)