Raj and Harleen – Part 2

Part two of Raj and Harleen’s gorgeous multi-day Sikh wedding celebration. These two are so amazing and photogenic, love each other a lot, and they’re also super funny and laid back. Harleen is one of the most glamorous Indian brides ever. This night was so much fun!

Raj and Jacqui

Raj and Jacqui are so much fun, and very silly and sweet together, so I was super excited to photograph their small wedding (well… small by Sikh wedding standards!) and witness the joy of their 2 awesome families coming together.

Preeti and Ravi’s great big Indian wedding!

So much to say about this gorgeous Sikh wedding which spanned two weekends, and two cities (Edmonton and Vancouver), but I’ll let the pictures do the talking! I have about a million favorite photos- so much emotion and happiness and sparkly goodness at this beautiful wedding – but this one at Stanley Park in VancouverContinue reading “Preeti and Ravi’s great big Indian wedding!”

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian wedding – Part 2

And even more photos of the super gorgeous Gurpreet and Anoop on the day of their reception!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1

Gurpreet and Anoop’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. These two are a dream to photograph – they’re super cute, have the best smiles, and their excitement and joy in getting married was so awesome to see. As the photos below cover a whopping 6 days worth of celebration, chock full of amazing color and emotion, I’mContinue reading “Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1”

Sonia and raj – Part 3

And finally, Sonia and Raj’s amazing reception at the Oasis Conference Center. Totally gorgeous wedding + awesome people = great weekend! Huge thanks to Raj and Sonia and to their awesome families for everything!

Sonia and Raj – part 1!

Another big Indian wedding – my last Indian wedding of this busy summer! Since there are lots of lovely photos of these 2 awesome people, I’ll break it into 2 parts for y’all to save your scrolling fingers! Sonia and Raj are really great people, and so in love (I was actually there when theyContinue reading “Sonia and Raj – part 1!”