Krista and Randor’s day after session in Maui

The day after Randor and Krista’s wedding, we explored a little and found the perfect stretch of beach for some more quick photos in paradise.  I was so excited to get in the water, whip out my Go Pro and generally embarrass myself by getting knocked down by waves.  I’d like to send a shoutContinue reading “Krista and Randor’s day after session in Maui”

Krista + Randor – Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding

In May, I travelled to Hawaii with Krista and Randor for one of the most sincere and heartfelt weddings ever. These 2 exchanged vows on the beach in the hot Maui sun, and it was an emotional and unforgettable event. The whole day was like something from a movie! I’m grateful and extra happy that IContinue reading “Krista + Randor – Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding”