Krista + Randor – Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding

In May, I travelled to Hawaii with Krista and Randor for one of the most sincere and heartfelt weddings ever. These 2 exchanged vows on the beach in the hot Maui sun, and it was an emotional and unforgettable event. The whole day was like something from a movie! I’m grateful and extra happy that I got to be there and experience the love these two have for each other and their friends. All that and a killer party too – we got super sweaty up on that dance floor!!

Just so y’all know, (like there’d be any question!!) I’m down for a destination wedding in Hawaii any day! TAAAAKE MEEE WIIIITH YOOOOU! 

Published by Buffy Goodman Photography

Edmonton based wedding and destination wedding, family, and portrait photographer

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