Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!

How cute can it possibly get, seriously?!?!

Eva and Alice are two sweet and adorable kids – their mom and dad are pretty dang awesome too! 

The Parrotts were one of several families that supported my fundraiser to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. That Syrian family now lives here in Edmonton and they’re happy, healthy, and thriving in their new home – I met them for a meal a few months ago, got spoiled with some amazing cooking and great hugs, and I’m so thrilled they’re here. They are so excited to be new Canadians. 

Thanks to the Parrott family and the other great families who came to one of my fundraiser photo sessions. With your help, we donated over $4500 to a family in need!

We all have an incredible degree of freedom and privilege by virtue of living where we do – hundreds of thousands of displaced peoples in Europe aren’t so lucky. Just knowing there are so many Edmontonians who want to give and help those in less fortunate circumstances warms my heart!

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