Happy Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is coming up. Last year at this time, I spent a happy sunshine-y afternoon with Little Mr. Zane and his mom and grannies. Seriously, how cute is this guy in his little wookie PJs? He loves to play in the water, so that’s what we did! I really love to take photos that showContinue reading “Happy Mother’s day!”

Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!

How cute can it possibly get, seriously?!?! Eva and Alice are two sweet and adorable kids – their mom and dad are pretty dang awesome too!  The Parrotts were one of several families that supported my fundraiser to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. That Syrian family now lives here in Edmonton and they’re happy,Continue reading “Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!”

A Day in the Life (with Charlie!) in Oakland, CA – Editorial family photography

Little Charlie is surrounded with amazing, strong and spirited women (and 2 friendly pugs). Here is what one day in his wee life is like. He is so loved.