Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!

How cute can it possibly get, seriously?!?! Eva and Alice are two sweet and adorable kids – their mom and dad are pretty dang awesome too!  The Parrotts were one of several families that supported my fundraiser to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. That Syrian family now lives here in Edmonton and they’re happy,Continue reading “Eva, Alice, and their mom and dad!”

Lynelle, Alex, and Tarek

I did a combined “engagement/family” session a few weeks ago with this absolutely awesome family – here’s some favorites!

Henry is really, REEEEAAALLY cute, you guys…

Joe and Sylvia are the lucky parents of the cutest little munchkin ever – Henry makes the funniest faces, and is such a good natured and sweet baby. It was so much fun taking photos with this awesome new little family. Here are just some of my favorites!

Kainan is one!

One of my favorite little guys turned one! Kainan was the cutest little preemie when I photographed him a year ago, and I swear he gets to be more of a little charmer daily, with his two front teeth, and his pal Cosmo the cat! Here are some of my favorite shots from an eveningContinue reading “Kainan is one!”