Kate and Cameron

Kate and Cameron are friends of mine. I have to admit some bias when I say that had the funnest and prettiest wedding ever, but seriously, it was quite literally perfect. Here’s the awesomeness checklist: -Huge, excited smiles on everyone’s face all day long. CHECK! -The most adorable wedding dress ever. CHECK! -Awesome details. Flowers,Continue reading “Kate and Cameron”

Monika and Ian’s wedding

Monika and Ian’s wedding was a fun one! Tons of great photos – making choices for a blog post was hard since these 2 are so, so cute! Here’s a few of my favorites! Snowshoes! Wish I had a pair for this week – haha! Ian thoughtfully applying Monika’s lip gloss! Cute! Tiptoes! Super awesomeContinue reading “Monika and Ian’s wedding”