Those of you who’ve met my partner Michael know that he’s pretty into his moustache.
He curls his moustache, and applies moustache wax frequently and often. I tease him about it a little, but it’s actually extremely cute.

That little curl ain’t an easy thing to achieve, folks!

Now, despite his obvious pride, my sweetie shaved his entire face yesterday for Movember – a fundraiser for prostate cancer. He’s starting fresh. After all that investment in moustache wax! Imagine!

Surely all you lovely blog readers can find it in your heart to donate to him here.

The reason you should support this particular moustache above all others is that I will personally match your donation with one of my own. So you’re actually doubling your support, and your fun!

Use the link above to donate, and comment below so I can keep track. You don’t have to share the amount you’ve donated, just let me know so I can keep accounts. Every wee bit counts!

(And await an update at the end of the month with the new ‘stache!)

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