Jean + Katherine’s proposal story in Moraine Lake

Alberta Photographers have a love/hate relationship with Moraine Lake. Yes, it’s beautiful – it’s the kind of place you see in a magical photo on Instagram, and you find yourself daydreaming which leads of course to googling flights and hotels and buying hiking boots and parkas, eagerly planning your trip to see this glorious vista for yourself.

For this very instagrammable reason, the giant parking lot at the top of the mountain can be full on any given day by 6:30am, people lined up to take selfies at the clearing on the lake, especially on summer weekends and fall larch hiking season, which is exactly when Jean and Katherine had planned to be there.

But, thankfully, it had snowed the day before their session, and the roads weren’t great. Only a handful of folks made the trek up the road to Moraine Lake – I’ve never seen it quieter. It made it so much easier than I’d expected to pick these 2 out from the folks taking selfies by the lake, discreetly following them on their hike around the lake, waiting for the moment Jean proposed. It was a quiet, unpretentious moment, no going down on one knee, no dramatic pretense necessary – just the muffled quiet of fresh snow, the lake like a perfect sheet of glass, and two people very much in love.

I’m so happy I got to be there for this moment, and that I got to meet these 2 lovely folks. I can’t wait to join them for their long-awaited wedding next fall in Jackson Hole for more hikes and adventures.

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