Irene and Calvin’s wedding

Calvin and Irene’s wedding was a total blast – some of my favorite photos of the year, for sure! Click here to take a look at the slideshow for the entire day. And below are a few highlights! Irene’s bridesmaid helps her into her fabulous shoes: Calvin sees his bride-to-be for the first time thatContinue reading “Irene and Calvin’s wedding”

Abigail and Joal’s wedding

Here’s the slideshow from Abigail and Joal’s amazing and unique day. There are so many gorgeous details, you definitely want to watch this one! And a few of our fave photos I love this photo! What a character! There were a ton of super adorable kids in this wedding party. Joal sang to Abigail asContinue reading “Abigail and Joal’s wedding”

Rich and Katie’s wedding

Some photos from Katie and Rich’s gorgeous wedding last month! My excellent assistant Bobbi took this rad photo of the guys! A pretty photo of Katie holding her veil while her dress is being buttoned. Another great Bobbi photo – one of the little flowergirls waiting to go down the aisle. Katie was SO thrilledContinue reading “Rich and Katie’s wedding”

Charndip and Parveen’s wedding!

Here is the slideshow from Charndip and Parveen’s beautiful Sikh wedding in August: … and here are some of our favorite photos! Charndip waiting outside the Gurdwara with his family before the Milni ceremony: During the Milni, the two families exchange garlands. The cat tails outside the gurdwara made for some awesome photos. Parveen’sContinue reading “Charndip and Parveen’s wedding!”

Raj and Eileen’s wedding!

Well, folks, this one’s gonna be another of those mega posts! Before I start with the rest, though, please allow me a moment to post this first photo, which makes me grin every single time I look at it: I call this the “McChicken Munch”. The traditional-looking bride and groom, posed so perfectly in theContinue reading “Raj and Eileen’s wedding!”

Allison and Mike’s wedding

Here are some photos from Allison and Mike’s gorgeous wedding, which was held on the shores of Moose Lake just outside of Bonnyville, Alberta. You really couldn’t ask for a more scenic place to have a wedding! Here is their slideshow which comprises a few favorite photos from the whole day: And some otherContinue reading “Allison and Mike’s wedding”

Chris and Dominique’s wedding

Here are some of our faves from Dominique and Chris’ wedding: Hooray for symmetry! We headed to the university for the formals after the ceremony. The ladies gang up on Chris! And again, symmetry! Woo! The slideshow of their whole day is below. If you like Guitar Hero, enormous glasses of red wine, Japanese exchangeContinue reading “Chris and Dominique’s wedding”

ISPWP awards – yay!

Exciting news! Earlier this month, I entered 4 photos into a contest sponsored by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and all four of them received awards! Yay! I’ll link y’all to the award galleries below. Browse through and check out some awesome photographers – I’m both awed and excited that we’re mentioned amongContinue reading “ISPWP awards – yay!”