NEW BLOG! And some recently published work!

Welcome to the new blog! I’ve moved to a new blogging provider (from blogger to wordpress) and this means, among other things, that I can post much larger photos – exciting! Along with the website, this blog will be undergoing some more renos soon as I’m having a new logo, etc. designed. So stayContinue reading “NEW BLOG! And some recently published work!”

Cool opportunity for photographers!

My favorite photographer, Ben Chrisman, will be in Edmonton this spring for a workshop! I’m very excited about the opportunity to learn from him! If you haven’t checked out his site before, you should, it’s totally inspirational and amazing. There’s still spaces available, and if you’re interested, or would like more information, comment here orContinue reading “Cool opportunity for photographers!”

Best of 2008… and your support needed for an awesome cause!

When I was updating the site, I realized that there are simply too many great photos from all the weddings in 2008 – it was a beyond awesome year! Choosing the 60 or so to post on the main site was incredibly difficult. I truly feel a personal connection to every couple I worked with,Continue reading “Best of 2008… and your support needed for an awesome cause!”

The past, and the future!

Wow, it’s already a week into 2009! This last year has gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe it. 2008 was a big year for us, a year of huge changes, and awesome surprises. This, finally, is the WG-blog intro of Rohen, Dallas’ little guy – he’s already 6 months old, and totally theContinue reading “The past, and the future!”

Kerri and Jared’s wedding

Hope everyone is staying warm and driving safe in this horrible weather! I have some (long overdue) photos to post from Kerri and Jared’s absolutely awesome wedding in November, last wedding of the year! At the salon, Kerri hilariously shows off some serious hip hop dancing skills! Remember what I said about awesome! Her bridesmaidContinue reading “Kerri and Jared’s wedding”

Robyn and Frank’s wedding

Here are a few photos from Frank and Robyn’s day! The jewelry was beautiful. Frank and Robyn met up to do their photos before the wedding, which works out so well and makes the day go really smoothly (ask any wedding planner!) Practicing for the first dance! Robyn’s smile lights up her whole face. WeddingContinue reading “Robyn and Frank’s wedding”

Justin and Athena (in Portland!)

In October, I was fortunate to travel to Portland, OR to hang out with the awesome Justin and Athena on their wedding day. Here’s the beautiful Athena, and several helping hands, getting into her dress, and making robot arms. Why robot arms? Well, later on in this post, it’ll become evident that Athena is practicingContinue reading “Justin and Athena (in Portland!)”

Gabriella, Owen (and mom and dad too!)

Here are a few photos from a shoot I did with a totally adorable family in September (when there was still gorgeous fall foliage on the trees… and now there’s the beginnings of snow?! sigh!) Here’s the whole gang! This is Gabi, telling me a story about a leaf she found! And Owen, off toContinue reading “Gabriella, Owen (and mom and dad too!)”

Dominique and Dustin’s wedding

Dominique (aka Niki) and Dustin got married in gorgeous northern Saskatchewan, near Pierceland, SK. A few of our favorite photos are below, and their wedding slideshow can be seen here. Dominique’s family spent all summer landscaping the location for the outdoor ceremony, and the weather cooperated too – It was beautiful! Dustin can be prettyContinue reading “Dominique and Dustin’s wedding”

Ashley and Daniel’s wedding

Here are a few photos from Ashley and Daniel’s wedding. First of all, the awesome rings. Bridesmaids getting ready! And the dapper groomsmen… … randomly portaging a boat?? Did they row to the ceremony??! This photo is SO funny! Here are a few photos from the ceremony, which was held at the beautiful St VitalContinue reading “Ashley and Daniel’s wedding”