Sherman and Cheryl’s wedding

Cheryl and Sherman’s wedding was an unforgettably good time, and also totally unique! So many awesome details – a Masquerade Ball reception, a gorgeous tea ceremony, and lots of quirky, fun “formal” photos. Plus a ton of silly photos too – we had an awesome time with this couple and their wedding party! Check outContinue reading “Sherman and Cheryl’s wedding”

Avril and Tim in Vancouver!

Tim and Avril were married in a small church in a historical park in Vancouver. Avril is a pro checkers player! … And Tim?? Well… let’s just say he doesn’t like losing! Their awesome getaway car! Cute – the flowergirl and ringbearer chowin’ down on a candy necklace! Tim’s brother gives away some ridiculous crowdContinue reading “Avril and Tim in Vancouver!”

Stormy and Jeff’s engagement photos

A few photos from Stormy and Jeff’s pretty autumn engagement photos. I think the vividness of Stormy’s red coat against the yellow leaves is great. I made these two walk so far for this photo: “The pretty red-leaved tree is just up one more block… or uh, maybe six??!” Then a few more photos inContinue reading “Stormy and Jeff’s engagement photos”

Lalita and Elliot’s wedding

Q: “What can I do to make my wedding reception super-mega-crazy-awesome?” We get this question, or variations thereof, fairly often. And I’m here today to announce that I can now answer this question: A:”Find a friend who is willing to light himself on fire on the dance floor:” Q: “WOW! Thanks! That’s a great idea!Continue reading “Lalita and Elliot’s wedding”

Jacklyn and Sal’s wedding

Here are some photos from Sal and Jacklyn’s wedding – They were such a fun couple to work with and their personalities really shine through in their photos. The shy-but-excited flowergirl, peeking out from behind her mom’s skirt. So cute! The big smooch! The whole gang – Sal had a top hat and cane –Continue reading “Jacklyn and Sal’s wedding”

Irene and Calvin’s wedding

Calvin and Irene’s wedding was a total blast – some of my favorite photos of the year, for sure! Click here to take a look at the slideshow for the entire day. And below are a few highlights! Irene’s bridesmaid helps her into her fabulous shoes: Calvin sees his bride-to-be for the first time thatContinue reading “Irene and Calvin’s wedding”

Abigail and Joal’s wedding

Here’s the slideshow from Abigail and Joal’s amazing and unique day. There are so many gorgeous details, you definitely want to watch this one! And a few of our fave photos I love this photo! What a character! There were a ton of super adorable kids in this wedding party. Joal sang to Abigail asContinue reading “Abigail and Joal’s wedding”

Rich and Katie’s wedding

Some photos from Katie and Rich’s gorgeous wedding last month! My excellent assistant Bobbi took this rad photo of the guys! A pretty photo of Katie holding her veil while her dress is being buttoned. Another great Bobbi photo – one of the little flowergirls waiting to go down the aisle. Katie was SO thrilledContinue reading “Rich and Katie’s wedding”