Erin and Matt in Mexico – sneak peek!

I travelled to Mexico at the end of September to photograph my lovely friend Erin as she married Matt, possibly the awesomest dude ever, at the Gran Bahia Principe resort. These two are seriously meant to be. So, so cute together. Their smiles in that first photo really say it all better than I canContinue reading “Erin and Matt in Mexico – sneak peek!”

Andrea and Dave’s engagement photos

Andrea and Dave rode their bikes to meet me for their engagement session, packing a change of clothes in their pannier bag! I loved that! These two are super in love and have loads of fun together – it was an awesome evening!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian wedding – Part 2

And even more photos of the super gorgeous Gurpreet and Anoop on the day of their reception!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1

Gurpreet and Anoop’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. These two are a dream to photograph – they’re super cute, have the best smiles, and their excitement and joy in getting married was so awesome to see. As the photos below cover a whopping 6 days worth of celebration, chock full of amazing color and emotion, I’mContinue reading “Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1”

Sarah and Nick

Sara and Nick’s wedding was super awesomesauce with a side of fries!! That’s really the only adjective phrase I can think of that comes anywhere close! Special thanks to my amazing second shooter Blake for her help!   Don’t worry, they let him go when they heard it was his wedding day! That’s right, folks,Continue reading “Sarah and Nick”

Splash – A Latitude 53 fundraiser!

Hope all you return visitors like my new visual identity! I updated my logo, and made everything on my website and blog much simpler and cleaner. I really like it – it’s more about the photos than all the foofy business surrounding them! The format of posts will be changing a little too with myContinue reading “Splash – A Latitude 53 fundraiser!”