Andrea and Dave’s engagement photos

Andrea and Dave rode their bikes to meet me for their engagement session, packing a change of clothes in their pannier bag! I loved that! These two are super in love and have loads of fun together – it was an awesome evening!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian wedding – Part 2

And even more photos of the super gorgeous Gurpreet and Anoop on the day of their reception!

Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1

Gurpreet and Anoop’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. These two are a dream to photograph – they’re super cute, have the best smiles, and their excitement and joy in getting married was so awesome to see. As the photos below cover a whopping 6 days worth of celebration, chock full of amazing color and emotion, I’mContinue reading “Gurpreet and Anoop’s Indian Wedding – Part 1”

Sonia and Raj – part 1!

Another big Indian wedding – my last Indian wedding of this busy summer! Since there are lots of lovely photos of these 2 awesome people, I’ll break it into 2 parts for y’all to save your scrolling fingers! Sonia and Raj are really great people, and so in love (I was actually there when theyContinue reading “Sonia and Raj – part 1!”

Shannon and Henry

True love… on a totally beautiful spring day, with a totally adorable couple. I had a really great time with these two, and their awesome wedding party too! Here are just a few favorites from their big day: Below ceremony shots by the ever so amazing Vinse, my fabulous second shooter! Extremely silly wedding partyContinue reading “Shannon and Henry”

Monika and Ian’s wedding

Monika and Ian’s wedding was a fun one! Tons of great photos – making choices for a blog post was hard since these 2 are so, so cute! Here’s a few of my favorites! Snowshoes! Wish I had a pair for this week – haha! Ian thoughtfully applying Monika’s lip gloss! Cute! Tiptoes! Super awesomeContinue reading “Monika and Ian’s wedding”

Priya and Kevin’s engagement party

You might remember this gorgeous couple from their recent engagement photo session in the snow! Priya and Kevin held a big, beautiful engagement party on Boxing Day – I can’t wait for their wedding this summer! Next 2 photos by Blake: Priya has an incredible smile! Another gem by Blake below! Next one is Blake’sContinue reading “Priya and Kevin’s engagement party”

Sneak Peek – Carlos and Melissa’s engagement photos

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my favorite photos from the engagement session I did with Melissa and Carlos yesterday night: Super awesome folks to work with – We had a great time, and I’m really looking forward to the wedding! More photos to come!